Upgrading the IKEA play kitchen

December 12, 2017 1 Comments

I’ve always wanted to get a play kitchen for Brooklyn, however being that we live in the city and don’t have a lot of extra space, I wanted to make sure whatever play kitchen we went with would match our decor since we don’t have a designated play room in our condo!

I saw the IKEA kitchen all over pinterest and there were so many fun things you could do to kitchen to put your own personal touch on it! I thought how hard could this be? It took about 3 weeks for the kitchen to arrive once we ordered it. It came very well packed and all of the pieces and parts came undamaged.

Putting the kitchen together was by far the most difficult part of this entire process. IKEA directions are horrible and some of the holes did not line up exactly. I was able to do 98% of it myself – Charlie had to help with a few pieces that I was not strong enough to screw in myself.

I wanted the hardware to match our decor, so I used white spray paint to give the sink a “farmhouse” look. Next, I used a metallic matte gold spray paint to paint the faucet, handles, and rod where the hooks hang down from. I don’t recommend spray painting on a balcony in the city. It was SOO windy! Every time the wind would change directions, the paint would fly in a different direction too and either get all over my clothes or fly into my face. I did about 2-3 coats and let each coat dry about 1 hour between applications.

Lastly, I wanted to add a pop of color. I ordered this paper from Rifle Paper Co. I like it because it is thick and not shiny so it doesn’t really look or feel like regular wrapping paper and is much more durable! I bought a heavy duty foam board and measured it to fit the opening on the back of the kitchen. I cut it down to size with an xacto knife, and then used used heavy duty clear packing tape to tape the paper to the board. I used quite a few pieces all over the board to make sure it was stuck on good. Next, I used command strips to stick the board to the back!

Happy Crafting!

I was inspired to create this kitchen by one of my favorite bloggers, Christine withΒ https://thishausofours.com/ – Go check her out!

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