11 Month Brooklyn Update

September 3, 2017 0 Comments

I cannot believe this is the last monthly update until my baby is ONE!! Where did the time go? Brooklyn is a little person and each day is more fun than the last.

She is now crawling like a race car and pulling herself to stand on everything – including in the bath tub! We finally retired her infant 4MOMS bath tub and I think she is loving having more room to move around and play during bath time.

Brooklyn has expanded her food palette and is completely off of purees. I found an egg free pancake recipe that uses oats, a banana, almond milk, and applesauce that she just loves! I have been making a big batch on Sunday and then send it to daycare for breakfast with her each day along with either some full fat yogurt or some cut up fruit. Brooklyn also loves plums! I’ll peel the skin off and cut into tiny pieces for her. Β Lunch usually consists of either chicken or turkey, diced up tomato slices, and either some cheese or a little bit of pita bread. For dinner, she usually has some variation of what we are eating. Apple sauce is also her favorite snack. It’s so fun to watch her face as she try’s new foods for the first time. I cannot wait for her smash cake photos…the look on her face when she gets to try sugar for the first time will be amazing! I’m having a special cake made that is egg free due to her allergies, but she can still enjoy the same buttercream frosting that I love so much!

She is still sleeping 7pm – 7am and we have finally dropped her 3rd nap and she now just has 2 naps. It makes the weekends so much easier because we can do so much more only having to plan around 2 naps instead of 3.

Brooklyn says mama, dada, possibly a variation of hi/hey and will wave goodbye. She has her first tooth coming through that has finally broken the gums.

You all know my obsession with bows, and I recently found this super cute shop Kenzie Baby Bows with handmade bows out of Columbus, Ohio! I love to support small businesses. This shop makes the cutest bows in so many color options! You can check out all of the bows here! I ordered some fall colors for Brooklyn from this shop – including the one she is wearing in the photo above!

I am getting so excited for her first birthday and I cannot wait to share ALL of the details with you! Can you guess what the theme will be?


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